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SlutWalk is a movement which started in Toronto early this year when a policeman said at a safety forum that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” It is a protest against a culture that blames victims for rape. It was after hearing about a SlutWalk happening in New Delhi (and subsequently, in Seoul) that prompted us to do one in Singapore.

Rape and victim-blaming/slut-shaming are issues which happen the world over, and which are not limited to a particular area/region/culture. In Singapore, the presence of Section 157(d) of the Evidence Act (which allows the credit of the rape survivor to be impeached if they are shown to have “generally immoral character”) has made this movement all the more pressing. The fact that this article exists shows how embedded such ideologies are, which are translated to the day-to-day experiences of women and men who are vulnerable to sexual assault.

While rape culture is a global phenomenon, we feel that it is important to contextualize the SlutWalk here, and to tailor it to suit the local context. Therefore, we have set aside one day (3rd Dec) for workshops, talks, and discussions, and the next day (4th Dec) for the actual SlutWalk, which, instead of a march, will be a gathering at Hong Lim Park. There will also be a series of fringe events throughout the month of November to serve as a prelude to the main event. Please see our Where/When page for more details.

We would like to raise awareness and bring to light issues surrounding sexual assault, victim-blaming/slut-shaming, sexuality, and consent. We would also like to trigger critical thinking around the value systems imposed on the word “slut”, to eventually cultivate a safer environment in Singapore for victims of sexual assault. Please refer to our Manifesto for elaboration.

No. As we have reiterated many times in our manifesto, one does not need to identify as a “slut” to be part of SlutWalk. Our ultimate goal is not to reclaim the word; instead we are reclaiming the right to express our sexuality without fear.

Of course. SlutWalk is not gender-specific. Contrary to popular opinion, sexual assault does not only happen to women, even though they make up the majority. Men, and people of other genders are also vulnerable. Thus, this is not just a women’s issue — it is everyone’s issue. We are welcoming everyone — regardless of gender identification, class, religion, race, or any other identity markers — who feel that prevailing attitudes as to why sexual assault happens needs to change.

Please, bring your family! We want all ages at this event. Passing on the messages of no victim-blaming and “don’t rape” to our future generations are a large part of what this event is about.

Absolutely! It is reflective from the SlutWalks around the world (as opposed to what is seen in the media) that most people come as they are. You can wear anything from a sari to jeans and a t-shirt to fishnets to a jacket to a tudung, while bearing in mind public decency laws in Singapore. Dress comfortably, as we are having the event in a park after all.

Please email to see how we can work together. We also have a Donate page, so if you can help in that area, please get in touch. Sponsors can choose to be acknowledged in kind.

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